Paphos Airport Taxi

You will find taxis waiting at your right when coming out of the arrivals exit. The taxis are there 24/7. There is not much demand and taxis are enough so you will not have to wait in a line.

Many taxi drivers will not use the taximeter, so to avoid any misunderstandings and overcharging, its better to ask the driver to start the meter or ask how much is the fare to your destination before getting into the taxi. Approximate fares are given here.

A better choice is to book your taxi in advance. You can find contact information at the book a taxi section. When calling, the taxi company will give you the cost in advance and if you are ok you can make a booking. The price is usually fix, no extra charge for luggage or waiting charge in case of a delay. But, it’s better to confirm this. The taxi driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on at the arrivals exit. As far as tipping is concerned, it’s polite to give a tip although your are not obliged to do so.

If you have any misunderstanding with the driver or the taxi company, you may ask the help of the receptionist at your hotel. If you would like to make an official complaint you should know the plate number of the taxi or the name of the company.

Paphos Airport
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