Taxi Fares from Paphos Airport

Approximate fares from and to Paphos Airport are shown below. The fares are for one way travel and per vehicle. A normal taxi can carry up to four passengers. In addiction, vehicles for more passengers are available and this can be arranged prior to your arrival.

Paphos AirportPaphos Centre20 €27 €15 min
Paphos AirportKato Paphos20 €27 €15 min
Paphos AirportTombs of the Kings25 €32 €20 min
Paphos AirportCoral Bay30 €37 €27 min
Paphos AirportPeyeia33 €40 €30 min
Paphos AirportPolis55 €70 €45 min
Paphos AirportAphrodite Hills20 €27 €15 min
Paphos AirportPissouri40 €50 €30 min
Paphos AirportNicosia100 €120 €1h 35 min
Paphos AirportLimassol55 €70 €40 min
Paphos AirportLarnaca90 €105 €1h 30 min
Paphos AirportAyia Napa115 €130 €1h 55 min
Paphos AirportProtaras115 €130 €1h 55 min
Cost of taxi transfers from Paphos Airport
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