Using public transport at Paphos

Paphos bus (photo)

There are 8 bus routes that serve the Touristic area of Paphos and 9 routes that serve the city center.

Get your tickets: Tickets are available on the bus and are issued by the bus drivers when you get in the bus.

Ticket price: One way tickets cost 1.00 €. You can choose to buy a day pass or a week pass depending on how often you will use the bus. Note however, that those passes are not valid for night trips (after 23:00). If you are going to use the bus after 23:00 you will have to issue a one-way night ticket for that trip (2.50 €) regardless of having a day or a week pass.

1. Children under 12 years old travel for free
2. Owners of Cypriot social card travel for free
3. University students of Cyprus and Foreign Institutions are allowed 50% discount by showing their Student cards.

Day ticket (06:00 to 23:00) – One-way1.00 €
Night ticket (23:00 to 06:00) – One-way2.50 €
Day pass (06:00 to 23:00) – Valid for the whole day from the time of issue until 23:00 and offers unlimited trips.3.00 €
Week pass (06:00 to 23:00) – Valid for one week and can be used for unlimited trips between 06:00 – 23:00. It is not valid for trips after 23:00. For such trip you should issue one-way tickets regardless of having the weekly ticket.13.00 €
Month pass – Valid for one month for both day and night trips.30.00 €
Year pass – Valid for one year for both day and night trips.300.00 €
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